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It’s Been A While…

since I posted anything here. I’ve primarily used this site to promote my stage shows, and I haven’t been performing them since, well, the time of my last post. I have invested some of the intervening time thinking about where I want to go next. I’ve been doing these comedy shows in one form or another since 2002, performing on many public stages as well as a surprising number of private homes.  I’ve done custom Porno Jim Shows for bachelorette parties, book clubs, and even a baby shower!

A friend suggested that maybe I should go bigger. Instead of booking the off off off off broadway theaters I was used to playing, what if I wrote a PJS for a more Off-Broadway audience. A 21st century NYC dirty pleasure, like Oh Calcutta or Take Me Out were years ago, for people who are in the market to see Blue Man Group or Stomp, but might enjoy something sexier.

I worked on that for a bit, and I think it just might work, but not today.

So I decided to go back to the reason I became Porno Jim in the first place.

I like to make porn.

I’ve recently completed a new porn film, an artsy B&W short called The Line. I’m thrilled to announce that it will have it’s first public showing (world premiere!) at the New York City Porn Film Festival on Saturday February 28th at 7pm!!

You can buy $5 tickets on their site to see the block of porn (Experimental II) that presents my film, along with the work of many other directors, including the amazing Richard Kern. The screening is at Secret Project Robot at 389 Melrose St. in Brooklyn. I’ll be there that night, and the whole festival looks pretty cool.

The name of the film comes from the idea that each time you kiss someone, that kiss is a unique and intimate act, yet each kiss must in some ways be similar to other kisses, making your kiss a part of the universe of kisses. The Line is my attempt to reveal the space where personal intimate acts become part of the universal aspect of those acts.
I do this by zooming in really really close.

I’ll post The Line for you to see right here sometime in March.

The Line - Image

This film was made in under 6 weeks and under my $200 budget, so I for another video from me very soon.

By the way, the music in The Line is by Underworld. Since this is a sex film, it needed sexy music to accompany the visuals. Underworld does it for me, and I encourage repeat viewings where you turn off the sound from the film and watch it while playing 5 minutes and 18 seconds of your favorite sex music. I suspect what you choose may sync up with the on-screen action even better!

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Penthouse Party was a Smashing Success!

The Porno Jim is in Penthouse party at Madame X was amazing! The entire second floor was packed for hours, and we easily made our bar guarantee. Thanks again to everyone who made it out that night! Your support means a lot to me.

My most excellent friends in the NYC Burlesque scene found two beautiful go-go dancers to perform at the event:

Stella Chuu


Satheara Sin

These seductive sirens entertained the well-dressed audience (most in attendance wore outfits of black, red or white, the official Porno Jim colors) while everyone mingled and I signed Penthouse magazines and Hookin’ Up DVDs as fast as I could! I have yet to invent a cool Porno Jim catchphrase to make signing things a speedy process, but everyone got a sentence or two of what seemed fun and appropriate at the time, and a cute flirty signature from Jenna, my invaluable intern and the brunette model in the photos accompanying the article.

At 10 PM I put away my Sharpie and the box of stuff that I was signing and walked up to the balcony, where Stella Chuu and Satheara Sin were dancing.

I told them that I was about to perform my show and that they should take this opportunity to get a drink and change costumes for the second half of the party.

With some remote control assistance from Emmet, the very helpful bar manager, I started the projector, adjusted the lighting and began to address the expectant crowd. But we had neglected to arrange for a microphone, so I cleared my throat and tried mightily to project my voice to the people waaay in the back of the room.

I thanked everyone for coming, and the uber-talented Alex Colby for creating the article and the sexy photographs. There was applause at the appropriate times, which indicated that most of the people could hear me. So I continued by saying that each year for the past 10 years I have written and performed a new edition of The Porno Jim Show, and tonight I have a sneak preview of the 2012 version which I expect to premiere this Summer.

Then I talked for a minute about how America Needs Better Porn! (more true today then ever), and showed two video clips: an example of bad porn starring Kayla Kupcakes & Dino Bravo, followed by a 2001 clip of some orgasmically good (but slightly extreme) porn from Belladonna – the greatest porn star in the world. Here they are:

Halfway through the first clip Emmet handed me a microphone and my voice was saved! Mics make all the difference, ‘cause my jokes are always funnier when they are clearly heard.

Next I introduced the first-timers in the audience to the concept of the Porntage and showed them the newest incarnation:

People really responded to this latest crop of weird porn moments. The pizza clip never fails, but the skydiving sex was what people afterward talked about the most. The snotty BJ image needs to be brightened up a bit for next time, but people were properly disgusting (though at least one person thought the woman on screen had vomited through her nose). The porn industry has always glorified one bodily fluid (semen) over all others, but today starlets are expected to produce and play with thick spit/phlegm (which resembles semen on screen) all of the time. Let’s hope that snot does not join spit on the porn industry’s list of erotic bodily fluids.

As always, I closed with videos of some amazing orgasms from two of my favorite sex performers (in this case Skin Diamond and Alexis Texas), thanked everyone again for coming tonight, and received an enthusiastic round of applause. Then I turned off the projector and restarted the music as the go-go dancers returned to the balcony.

I straightened my tie and went into the crowd to say hello to everyone who had arrived late, then sat down to sign the seven remaining copies of Penthouse. We wound up selling all thirty five magazines and five Hookin’ Up DVDs! Soon it was 12:15 AM and the staff sent us and a handful of party stragglers to the downstairs lounge. The whole evening was just wonderful!

By the way, the March issue of Penthouse magazine is on sale now! If you can’t afford the $8, or have no interest in non-digital reading, I will be posting the entire four-page article here on March 15, when my issue is replaced on the newsstands.

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