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New Venue for The Porno Jim Show

The Porno Jim Show is back!

This time on the first Thursday of every month in a very special venue:

Bowery Bliss, the leading swingers club in NYC!

This performance will be an intimate living room show for 20-25 couples. My goal, as always, is to show the audience how watching really good porn can increase the intensity of their orgasms, both alone and with a partner. I accomplish this by showing examples of good and bad porn, so they will know what to look for the next time they search the Internet for sexual entertainment.

Tickets are being sold to couples only, so text your most adventurous partner and invite them to see this amazing show for just $20 each ($40 for each couples ticket). If you want to stay for the after party, it’s only an additional $10 per couple (payable at the door). By the way, two men or two women can attend the show as a couple! (The cost of attending the after party for two single men is quite a bit higher than for a M/F couple).

Doors open at 7pm. There will be drinks and soda available (BYOB is okay too!).

I like to meet everyone that I can before the show, to talk about porn and answer any questions people may have. Be sure and get your complimentary PJS sticker from me!

The Porno Jim Show starts at 8pm, ending at about 9pm. The After Party starts upstairs right after the show.

This all-new comedic lecture begins with an exploration of the current trends in American pornography, focused through the lens of the recent 2014 AVN awards. I’ve put together representative clips from many award winning titles, featuring the various Performers of the Year, plus a few scenes that I think will be very influential on the porn videos of tomorrow!

After that, I introduce you to my latest Porntage, a carefully selected montage of porn weirdness. Then we end the show, as always, with a selection of the best (and most educational) porn ever made, by which I mean hot videos of women having incredible orgasms!

Here is the link to buy tickets:

I will email to you the club’s exact address after you purchase the tickets.

Can’t wait to see you at the show! 

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Christmas Porntage for 2012

My thanks to everyone who came out to our Winter Holiday show on Saturday! It was a great show. In addition to the regular Porntage I created a special collection of Christmas porn videos for this event that I would like to share with you. Merry Christmas!

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See The Porno Jim Show in the Lounge at Dixon Place


My June 23rd show in the Lounge at Dixon Place was so successful that I am returning there on Thursday August 4th at 9:30 PM!

(This will be the actual start time, not the usual 10-20 mins of waiting around, as there is a performance in the main theater at about the same time, and we can’t have those nice people exiting through the climax of our show!)

$10 at the door (cash only).

Full bar ready to serve you before, during and after the show! (They take credit cards.)


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The Porno Jim Show Returns on Thursday, June 23rd

That’s right, I will be performing my brand new show in the Lounge at Dixon Place (161 Chrystie St. between Rivington & Delancey).

No burlesque acts this time, but I will have some special guests and more mind-blowing videos. 

Plus my witty analysis of what all this porn is doing to us here in the 21st century.

$10 at the door. No advance tickets. The Lounge at Dixon Place can cozily hold about 50 people, so please arrive early to get a good spot.

Please consider putting my event on your schedule. As an added bonus, the seating area is adjacent to the bar, so everyone can continue drinking steadily throughout the show! The drunker you get at Dixon Place, the more you are supporting independent theater in New York City.



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Thanks for stopping by my new site! My plan is to present you with my take on the state of sex and porn here in the 21st century.

I’ve been performing The Porno Jim Show in theaters and lounges around NYC for almost 10 years now. I approach each performance of The Porno Jim Show as an opportunity to entertain people in a way that expands their sexual horizons while encouraging them to take a more thoughtful approach to the sexual lives. Because my show gets people laid.

My blog will also challenge people to watch better pornography, both alone and with their partners. I’ll be reviewing porn movies and recommending sexy clips available for free online to help you find the sexvids that are right for you (by which I mean, the porn that gets you off).

The purpose of pornography is to improve your orgasm while you have a sexual experience, whether you are masturbating or getting laid. Everyone should masturbate regularly, and watching quality pornography can and will improve the intensity of your orgasm. Sex toys are also designed to help you get off, so I will review them from time to time (with some help from my female friends).

Good porn presents attractive people having mutually orgasmic sex in a visually appealing manner. Though seeing female performers experience orgasms (whether real or acted) in porn movies is becoming more common, most sex videos still do not show the women coming, only the men. This is a big part of America’s sexual mis-education!

I’ll have much to say about orgasms in general, no matter who is having them.

I live in New York City with my amazing girlfriend of over 10 years. From time to time we attend sexy events around town – I’ll tell you all about them as well, and sometimes I’ll have exclusive NSFW pictures to share.

If you have any porn questions, I’d be happy to try and answer them at

Remember my motto:

America Needs Better Porn!

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