Internet Radio Show on Radio Free Brooklyn

Many years ago I produced a few (5) Porno Jim Show podcasts – click over to my Podcasts page to listen to them anytime. The shows were pretty funny and surprisingly popular, each receiving around 100,000 downloads, but they were very labor intensive, and I moved on to other projects.

Tonight I revive the format of those podcasts in my new weekly internet radio show on! You can check it out here:

My timeslot is Saturdays from 8-9pm, with reruns on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 12:30am. (Some would see it as airing early on Monday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.)

This version of The Porno Jim Show will use comedy and conversation to explore how people experience pornography in the 21st century. Every show will include comedy skits, porn news commentary, as well as reviews of internet porn videos with female guests.

I chose to review videos on Pornhub and other xxx tube sites instead of movies on DVD because that way listeners can open the videos in their browser and see exactly what we are talking about!

I hope you tune in every week to my new show! If you miss one, every episode will be available as a podcast on, and soon here on this site.

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