Bar 82 Burlesque Videos

Here are some cool videos of the beautiful and talented Burlesque dancers performing in the November 10th PJS at Bar 82:

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Ula Uberbusen


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Rosabelle Selavy


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Go-Go by Zoe Ziegfeld


And here’s one of me talking to the audience about an important editing choice that I made with one of the more extreme clips in the Porntage I had just shown them (in this case, Eastern European Lesbian Fisting):

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The Porno Jim Show – Now the Second Saturday of Every Month at Bar 82!

My show at Bar 82 on Saturday October 16 was a big success! The burlesque acts were visceral and titillating – I’ve got videos of their performances that I will post for you.

The audience laughed hardest during the kung-fu sex scene, but was most impressed by the skydiving fornicators (who were fired from their jobs at the skydiving school the very next day, sad to say). Nothing in my latest Porntage seemed to faze these brave women and men, so I’ll be adding something edgier to the next one.

Which will be on Saturday December 8 in The Porno Jim Winter Holiday Show! You can now see me and three beautiful dancers at Bar 82 on the second Saturday of every month. This time I’ll be featuring the best Christmas and Chanukah porn I can find, with holiday-themed burlesque from Ula Uberbusen and Stormy Leather, plus sultry Go-Go from Zoe Ziegfeld!

Performing in the back room of Bar 82 is fun! There are some small tables and about 40 chairs, plus a few benches along the walls. The stage is a small rectangle set at a very odd angle, with a projector screen on the wall behind. The dancers said that it took a minute to adjust to, but that it wasn’t a problem. I think the unique setup suits our odd little show perfectly!

Bar 82
136 2nd Ave. between St. Marks Place and E. 9th Street (in the back room)

Doors are at 8:30pm
Show starts at 9:00pm (we finish up about 11)

Tickets are $15 at the door, but only $10 if you buy them in advance here!

You can also RSVP on Facebook here

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Experience an All New and Burlesque-ified Porno Jim Show at Bar 82 on Saturday Nov. 10

Please join me on at 8pm on Saturday November 10th in the back room at Bar 82 (136 Second Ave. between St. Marks and East 9th St.) where you will see not only an ALL-NEW and extended edition of the unique and oft-times hilarious porn experience that I regularly present, but also the fabulous gyrations of these sexy burlesque performers:

Rosabelle Selavy!

Ula Uberbusen!

and gogo-ing for us all night will be the incredible

Zoe Ziegfeld!

Doors are at 8pm, show starts at 9pm.
We’ll be finishing up at 11pm!

Tickets are $15

As always, I’ll have incredible porn DVDs to give away to some brave individuals.

You don’t want to miss this show!

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Three Porno Jim Shows in 8 Weeks!

Hey there Porn Fans! I’ve written a new show for 2012 and have booked three venues to perform in before the summer ends.

This Wednesday August 15th, I will be performing my first ever show at the Parkside Lounge! I’ll be going on at about 9:30pm. Opening for me at 7 PM is Music of the Electron, an evening of Engaging Emotive Electronic Music. A beautiful way to start off your evening, followed by the funniest, sexiest show in town!

Music of the Electron flyer

Then on Saturday September 1st I will be doing an experimental Porno Jim installation at Winkel and Balktick’s Stranded:Laboratory party in the old Pfizer building in Williamsburg (50,000 square feet!).

Porno Jim’s Laboratory Experiment is designed to scientifically measure the reaction of the members of my audience to specific pornographic stimuli under warehouse party conditions. This groundbreaking research could rank up there in importance with Kinsey, or Masters and Johnson! That is, if nothing goes wrong.

Each member of the test group to be studied, or “Audience”, will be asked to fill out a short (anonymous) questionnaire, then I will show group some pornography while my camera records their reactions. This data will be compiled, correlated, analyzed and finally regurgitated onto this site as scientifically valid research data. No nudity is required, only 12 minutes of your time, which will be spent watching hilarious, mindblowing porn – all of which takes place in a laboratory!

We open the Lab at around 10pm and we’ll stop collecting data when we get tired, probably around 2:30am.

W&B throw the best parties in NYC, and I am thrilled to be in their Stranded lineup once again. Get your tickets here:

And here’s the Facebook Event:

Then on Friday September 21st, I’m very excited to be performing onstage with Nina Hartley and Buck Angel in Washington DC at the Popcorn and Porn Kickoff for the Woodhull Alliance Sexual Freedom Summit! This promises to be a Legendary event! Please check out the website, and consider attending!

As always, I am available for private parties (birthday, bachelorette, anniversary, etc.) and burlesque/variety show bookings in New York City. I will create a customized Porno Jim Show for your party or event! You can reach me at

I’ve been working on a few other projects I’d like to tell you about. I am finishing up a script for a new porn superhero porn movie (with all new superheroes, not parody versions of famous characters). It’s called The Immaculator. I plan to raise the money to shoot it using one of the new Kickstarter-like websites that are about to launch which will be focused on adult-related projects.

Plus, The Slipper Room is supposed to re-open soon (they have completely rebuilt the whole building!) and I will be doing a monthly PJ show there this Fall incorporating the sexiest burlesque acts in the city, just like back in the day!

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Stimulus Package: My Interview in Penthouse Magazine

The March issue of Penthouse is no longer on sale at newsstands, but you can still experience my interview right here:

    Stimulus Package

I’d love to hear what you think, so please join my website! Just enter your email and a password into the Login fields, which are on the lower left hand side of this page. Only members can make comments, which should prevent spam and limit assholery.

I look forward to answering all of your porn questions, which can only result in improving your sex life!

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Penthouse Party was a Smashing Success!

The Porno Jim is in Penthouse party at Madame X was amazing! The entire second floor was packed for hours, and we easily made our bar guarantee. Thanks again to everyone who made it out that night! Your support means a lot to me.

My most excellent friends in the NYC Burlesque scene found two beautiful go-go dancers to perform at the event:

Stella Chuu


Satheara Sin

These seductive sirens entertained the well-dressed audience (most in attendance wore outfits of black, red or white, the official Porno Jim colors) while everyone mingled and I signed Penthouse magazines and Hookin’ Up DVDs as fast as I could! I have yet to invent a cool Porno Jim catchphrase to make signing things a speedy process, but everyone got a sentence or two of what seemed fun and appropriate at the time, and a cute flirty signature from Jenna, my invaluable intern and the brunette model in the photos accompanying the article.

At 10 PM I put away my Sharpie and the box of stuff that I was signing and walked up to the balcony, where Stella Chuu and Satheara Sin were dancing.

I told them that I was about to perform my show and that they should take this opportunity to get a drink and change costumes for the second half of the party.

With some remote control assistance from Emmet, the very helpful bar manager, I started the projector, adjusted the lighting and began to address the expectant crowd. But we had neglected to arrange for a microphone, so I cleared my throat and tried mightily to project my voice to the people waaay in the back of the room.

I thanked everyone for coming, and the uber-talented Alex Colby for creating the article and the sexy photographs. There was applause at the appropriate times, which indicated that most of the people could hear me. So I continued by saying that each year for the past 10 years I have written and performed a new edition of The Porno Jim Show, and tonight I have a sneak preview of the 2012 version which I expect to premiere this Summer.

Then I talked for a minute about how America Needs Better Porn! (more true today then ever), and showed two video clips: an example of bad porn starring Kayla Kupcakes & Dino Bravo, followed by a 2001 clip of some orgasmically good (but slightly extreme) porn from Belladonna – the greatest porn star in the world. Here they are:

Halfway through the first clip Emmet handed me a microphone and my voice was saved! Mics make all the difference, ‘cause my jokes are always funnier when they are clearly heard.

Next I introduced the first-timers in the audience to the concept of the Porntage and showed them the newest incarnation:

People really responded to this latest crop of weird porn moments. The pizza clip never fails, but the skydiving sex was what people afterward talked about the most. The snotty BJ image needs to be brightened up a bit for next time, but people were properly disgusting (though at least one person thought the woman on screen had vomited through her nose). The porn industry has always glorified one bodily fluid (semen) over all others, but today starlets are expected to produce and play with thick spit/phlegm (which resembles semen on screen) all of the time. Let’s hope that snot does not join spit on the porn industry’s list of erotic bodily fluids.

As always, I closed with videos of some amazing orgasms from two of my favorite sex performers (in this case Skin Diamond and Alexis Texas), thanked everyone again for coming tonight, and received an enthusiastic round of applause. Then I turned off the projector and restarted the music as the go-go dancers returned to the balcony.

I straightened my tie and went into the crowd to say hello to everyone who had arrived late, then sat down to sign the seven remaining copies of Penthouse. We wound up selling all thirty five magazines and five Hookin’ Up DVDs! Soon it was 12:15 AM and the staff sent us and a handful of party stragglers to the downstairs lounge. The whole evening was just wonderful!

By the way, the March issue of Penthouse magazine is on sale now! If you can’t afford the $8, or have no interest in non-digital reading, I will be posting the entire four-page article here on March 15, when my issue is replaced on the newsstands.

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Party Tonight at Madame X!

Can’t wait to see you all tonight at Madame X to celebrate my interview in the March 2012 issue of Penthouse! I will have some issues for sale (Hookin’ Up DVDs too) or bring in your subscription copy and I will sign it for you!

Everyone will be dressed in the colors of my logo – black, white and red – including the beautiful go-go dancers I’ve hired to entertain us. I’ve got some mind-blowing porn to show you, too! There are over 120 RSVPs already, so it’s gonna be an amazing night!

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Porno Jim Interview in March 2012 Penthouse Magazine (on sale February 14)

My Friends,

The March issue of Penthouse magazine (!) contains an interview with me, alongside some incredible photos (both the article and pictures were created by the amazing Alex Colby). When I was a teenager, Penthouse was by far my favorite source of fapping material.

This is the best press I have ever received, so I’m having a party to celebrate on Thursday February 23rd from 8 to 12 o’clock upstairs at Madame X.

I’ll be signing Penthouse magazines, which you can buy from me that night, as well as Hookin’ Up DVDs (only $10). We accept cash or charge.

Around 10pm I’ll be performing a sneak preview of the 2012 edition of The Porno Jim Show. This promises to be my most ambitious show in years!

No charge to attend the party, but please help us make our bar guarantee by buying someone a drink (and get one for yourself too!).

Suggested dress: I’d like everyone to wear something sharp and sexy, using some combination of red, black and/or white (which are the official Porno Jim colors). Which should create a visually stunning party that no one would want to miss!

Thursday February 23rd
8pm to 12am
Upstairs at Madame X
94 West Houston St. between LaGuardia Place and Thompson St.

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A Porno Jim Show on New Years Eve

I ended 2011 by performing a special Porno Jim Show as the opening act for a New Years Eve sex party. The Chemistry organizers have many attractive people on their mailing list, and the space was fancifully decorated for the night’s theme: the Rapture. In honor of the end-times, couples were encouraged to wear white, and many beautiful women arrived both creatively and sexily dressed.

Those of you who saw either of my performances at Dixon Place know that I have had a special appreciation for sheer white clothing since I was fourteen, when I first saw Karla DeVito rocking her Danskin while lip syncing to Ellen Foley’s voice in this Meat Loaf video on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert (which aired after Saturday Night Live for many years).

I’ve been writing and performing a new Porno Jim Show every six months or so for almost ten years now. For those of you who have never seen me live (or were at a different party this NYE), here is a recap of my latest show.

About 20 couples had arrived when the show began at 10:20 PM (there were over 100 people in attendance by midnight). The MC for the evening’s entertainment, burlesque legend Jonny Porkpie came out in casual clothes to introduce me. This contrasted nicely with my more formal stage attire.

As you can see I wore the shiniest pants in the world. Mr. Porkpie hosted the rest of the show wearing a spectacularly shiny gold suit, but I don’t have a picture of that because it is uncool to take photos at a sex party.

I talked to the audience about the important role that porn can play in their lives, especially for the kind of people who make adult playtime a significant part of their leisure activities, such as one meets at an sex party on NYE.

Porn at it’s best is sexually advanced behavior performed by attractive sexual athletes. The average viewer can only dream about having sex with multiple partners or in public, so porn scenes tend to be seen as fantasy fulfillment. But some men and women are sexual explorers who will sometimes get the opportunity to have threesomes and other sexual adventures. For those people who have (or hope to have) group sex or want to explore their sexual boundaries, Good porn can be instructional as well as inspirational.

Of course, there is Good porn and there is Bad porn. Good porn is the kind that turns you on. Videos that show you sexual athletes (whom you find attractive) performing visually interesting sexual acts, ideally leading to mutually orgasmic experiences without insulting you through sub-standard production values or gross misogyny.

Bad porn is boring and does not turn you on.

Porn movies have been around ever since they invented the camera, so I open with a clip from a 1930’s French stag film, where we discover that in early 20th century France, they had not quite figured out how a threesome is supposed to work.


I couldn’t find any Rapture–inspired pornography, so here are a few clips showing the porn industry vision of Hell:

That last clip was from the Japanese video Tentacle Ecstasy 3, which technically wasn’t about the afterlife, just alien tentacle monsters, but she is suffering a very unpleasant fate, so I think it applies.


In honor of Christmas, here is some Santa porn, which there is more of than you might think.

During the many hours of exhaustive research combing the tube sites for funny and educational videos to show you, I often come across weird little porn moments that I think people ought to see. Sexual images and activities that push the boundaries of what you thought was possible, and demonstrate that pornography can be more than just erotic. It can also be hilarious and mind-blowing.

I edit these discoveries down to just the best parts, then arrange them just so and a new Porntage is born! I’ll be posting many even more unbelievable Porntages in the next few weeks, but here is the first one of 2012.

I found most of these clips on (the most popular tube site) or (I like their interface) or someplace similar. You should search around for the full versions of these outstanding sexvids if you are so inclined.  The sex-while-skydiving clip is the most historic video one here, as I believe that act has never been recorded before (though I would be very surprised if this was the first mid-air sex ever attempted).

Next I gave away a couple of Hookin Up DVDs to women in the audience who said that they had both never seen me before and who watched porn. Though neither woman could seem to remember any details about the specific movies they had watched (most likely some generic Cinemax movies), I gave them the benefit of the doubt and awarded them their prizes anyway. I like getting my movie into the hands of porn beginners who are horny enough to attend sex parties. Those are exactly the kind of people who I made Hookin’ Up (available for download – just $4.95!) for; sexually adventurous women who have only seen a few porn videos and were not really turned on by them.

For me, the best part of a good porn scene is when the female performer comes. So here are four of the best porn orgasms I’ve seen this year.

That’s what I mean by Good Porn! We saw:

  • An amateur couple (hotel69staronline) who have uploaded quite a few videos of their lovemaking (though the website advertised in the clip is currently inactive).
  • Kelly Madison ( enjoying her Hitachi
  • Plus clips from two Elegant Angel titles: Kristina Rose in Real Female Orgasms #13 (one of my favorite porn series) and Alexis Texas in Buttwoman vs. Slutwoman. Both William H. and Mason are outstanding directors.

And that’s my show! I hope you enjoyed it, and that you are a bit more sexually aroused than you were half an hour ago. I’ll keep you posted on all my future performances.

By the way, are you putting together a bachelorette or birthday party for your adventurous friend? Contact me at I can create and perform a custom Porno Jim Show to suit any sexuality-tinged occasion.

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See The Porno Jim Show in the Lounge at Dixon Place


My June 23rd show in the Lounge at Dixon Place was so successful that I am returning there on Thursday August 4th at 9:30 PM!

(This will be the actual start time, not the usual 10-20 mins of waiting around, as there is a performance in the main theater at about the same time, and we can’t have those nice people exiting through the climax of our show!)

$10 at the door (cash only).

Full bar ready to serve you before, during and after the show! (They take credit cards.)


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